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Jeevee's Profile

Nickname: Jeevee
Age: 23 years
Location meerssen / Netherlands
Gender: Man
Member since: 14-04-2011
Last Visit: 25-05-2015
Favorite Games:
De gehele Total war serie, Minecraft, Battlefield, Mount&Blade, GTA, Assassin's Creed, Red Dead Redemption en vrijwel alle Indie games.
About Me:
"Looks like the good Lord got your ass and face mixed up." -John Marston, 1911

Gaming Rig
Computer Case: witte Ms-Tech Husky
Motherboard: Asrock moederbord met SATA3 & USB3.0
Processor: AMD FX 6100 6-CORE 6
Memory: 8Gig Ram
Hard Drive: 500Gig
Video Card: ATI HD 7850
Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster
Sound Card:  
Speakers: -
Headphones: Roccat Kave
Keyboard: Roccat Isku
Mouse: Razer Naga: Molten edtion
Mouse Surface:  
Operating System: Win7

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