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Boykuh's Profile

Nickname: Boykuh
Real Name: Boy Kemps
Age: 23 years
Msn: Login Required
Xfire: Boykuh's Xfire
Location Maastricht / Netherlands
Gender: Man
Website: Aethra Esports
Member since: 20-09-2018
Last Visit: 14-06-2024
Favorite Games:
League of Legends Counter Strike
About Me:
Aethra Esports
I used to be addicted to soap, but now i'm clean

Gaming Rig
Computer Case: CoolerMaster Tower
Motherboard: GigaByte z590 UD AC
Processor: Intel i9-11900K
Memory: 64GB DDR4
Hard Drive: 2TB SSD, 2TB HDD
Video Card: MSI GeForce RTX 3060 TI
Sound Card:  
Headphones: Corsair Void Pro RGB 7.1 Wireless
Keyboard: Coolermaster CK530
Mouse: HP OMEN 100
Mouse Surface: Snakebyte
Operating System: Windows 10 Pro

Clan Name: JuupGang
Clan Tag: Juup
Members: Barry batsbak, BlackWitchery616, Boykuh, CattySlettuce, GoldBeta, GoldEpsilon, GoldZeta, K1Msd1Ng, Kanabiixd, RianneTV, Rickety, Rokske, Stroekie, YungWirawut, zyphonzz

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on 14:24 10-11-2019
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