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Nickname: XT
Location Maastricht / Netherlands
Gender: Man
Member since: 25-03-2010
Last Visit: 17-06-2022
Favorite Games:
LoL, Cod 2/4, Loadout, CS:GO, eve
"And when they seek to oppress you And when they try to destroy you, Rise and Rise again and again Like The Phoenix from the ashes Until the Lambs have become Lions and the Rule of Darkness is no more "

Gaming Rig
Computer Case: Phanteks Enthoo Pro
Motherboard: Asus P6T
Processor: Intel i920
Memory: 4 X 4GB G.Skill Ripjaws 1600mhz CL7
Hard Drive: Samsung EVO 840 + WD 1TB X4
Video Card: Nvidea GTX 970
Monitor: Asus PG258Q
Sound Card: Audio GD nfb-11
Speakers: Edifier 2.1
Headphones: V-Moda m100
Keyboard: MX Board 6.0
Mouse: Logitech G3
Mouse Surface: Madmouse controlfreak
Operating System: Windows 8 Pro

Clan Name: ReDoX
Clan Tag: RDX
Members: Ben Dover, Bummeke, Dice, fowwie, ScratJuh, Timmeh, WiSlo, XT

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